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Essaypro Writing Contest Scholarship

Essaypro Writing Contest Scholarship

Long research hours, sleepless nights, tiresome writing periods these are some of the common scenarios when a college or university student sits write his or her thesis. Everyone would agree that writing a properly formatted informative essay or paper is a tough nut to crack. With modern websites like EssayPro.com, things seem a bit easier for students.

But can they give you a paper worth an A or A+ grade? That’s the question we would try to find the answer to.


Judging from the list, EssayPro shared on their website; we can call it a company that knows what student might need. They have almost all the typical kinds of academic writings listed as their offered services. Although, some of the areas are yet to be covered like coursework, report writing, presentations, assignments, review writings. So, we can say that they have room to improvise themselves.

Here, take a look at their services

  • Essay writing service
  • Custom essay writing
  • Dissertation writing
  • Research paper writing
  • Term paper writing
  • Write my essay and
  • Admission essay writing

So, you can that their strongest suit is writing essays. They have mentioned this particular service in many of their services in various names like ‘essay writing service, custom essay writing, and write my essay.’ To us, it seemed a bit too much exaggeration. But otherwise, their range of services gave us a positive vibe about them.

Quality level, Plagiarism

This is part where our experience gets a mixed vibe. We though EssayPro is quality service that can give you essays or papers that could easily get you an A or A+. Well, at least they have said so many times that their essays are the ‘best in the market!’

But of the reviews online state exactly the opposite. One regular customer got a C for the paper. She felt that the price she paid was for a great paper that would help her get an A. When she got a C, she asked for a refund as the result was not up to the mark. But the customer support refused to send the refund as the paper got a ‘passing grade.’

If you are willing to pay your hard earned dollars for a paper just to pass, then you should visit some of the better academic writing websites.

With jumping to the conclusion, we decided to test the service for ourselves. We ordered an essay on ‘Impact of the World War II on modern science and technology.’ The instruction was simple a small three-page essay, APA formatting, and unique, informative writing style. The shocking part was the writer could not stick this simple instruction! The formatting style was horrible. The writer, we think did not know about formatting at all! Moreover, all of the citations were wrong along with the bibliography.

After that, we checked the essay for plagiarism. Sadly, it was partially copied. We think the writer just copied the whole essay from two to three sources and then spun a few passages and sent it to us.

We seriously think that EssayPro should look into these matters seriously as they are losing the trust from their potential customers.


EssayPro would take six hours to two months to deliver you the order depending on your preference. We didn’t face any kind of problem regarding the writer maintaining deadline. The main problem lies in the writing quality. But keep in mind that the various deadlines will affect the final price.

Pricing, Payments

EssayPro seems like to be too much secretive about the pricing policy. If you are just surfing for a good place to take care of your paper, you would be disappointed. They don’t allow common visitors to check the pricing policy. If you give them some information like project type, paper type, deadline, and estimated page number, they will show you a minimum price.

It is quite natural for a customer to check the packages and finally decide which kind of package they should go for. But to see the details, you will have to sign up! This is a lousy method for lead generation. We think this would hurt their image a lot.

All they say is that the minimum price point is $12 per page. If this is the minimum price, then what is the maximum price? We think they just love to keep the customers in the dark!

They have four verified payment options

  • Visa
  • AmEx
  • PayPal
  • MasterCard

Security, Trust, and Reliability

Do you know how many certifications EssayPro have? Well, you have guessed it right zero! We are not sure if their services are authentic. As you most of the quality and trusted brands in this industry have certifications from a lot of verifiers. They don’t offer a refund even if you don’t like the work!

The bottom line is you cannot rely on them. Actually, they didn’t give any scope to rely or depend on them. They say that the complete 17,000 orders per month! We are not sure how could so many people can trust them. Oh wait, it could be a hoax too!


Their website proudly says that after the third page, additional pages will come with discounts. But there is not a single mention of discounts anywhere else on the website. So, we are not sure how much discount they are offering. Well, we are not even sure of the factor that will enable someone to be eligible for the discount.

There’s a lot of writing services to choose from when it comes to your essay. How do you know which one to go with? Is EssayPro.com the company that you should go with? Then read on to find out everything you need to know.


When it comes to writing services, it appears that Essay Pro have you covered. Take a look at the services offered on the website, and there’s more on offer than you can shake a stick at. For example, they cover assignments, dissertations, research projects, and many other types of academic writing. However, we do wonder whether their writers can really handle so many different writing styles.


No matter who you order from, you need to know that their writers can write excellent work for you. After all, your grades will rely on their work. We took a look at what past reviews are saying, in order to get an idea of what kind of quality this service puts out. The results are mixed. Some customers say they were happy with their order, but others were less than impressed. They say the writing quality was poor, thanks to non native English speaking writers. Since EssayPro is a freelance platform the choice of writer is made by you and therefore not each of them is guaranteed to deliver top quality.


Pricing will always vary, as every project is different. As an example, take a 2 page 2:1 level essay, to be delivered within 10 days. With this service, you’ll pay minimum £15 GBP. This is quite cheap for an essay writing service, so we’re not surprised to see that there isn’t a first time discount, as you’d see with other services. Don’t pick this service just on its price though. You can get excellent writing for no much more if you shop around.


If you need help with your order, there’s a customer service team on standby to help you. Some customers, though, have been running into an issue with the refund policy. Apparently, it’s not as clear as it should be. That means that some customers have thought they were entitled to their money back, when in fact they weren’t.

We all appreciate that sometimes students need to hire an essay writing service. However, we also know that sometimes it’s tough for students to know what is a scam and what is trustworthy, especially if they’re freshman in college and have never used such a service before. We hope this review will help students answer the all-important question of: is Essay Pro legit? There are plenty of options available for Canadian students, so we’ll help shed light on whether EssayPro.com/ca is the best choice, or whether there are alternative options.


This seems to be a standard essay writing service, as when you login you simply fill out an order form providing all of the data for your essay. However, to a trained eye it is very clear that the order form for this website is entirely lacking. It doesn’t ask for enough information to produce an awesome essay, it just asks for enough information to give you a price and secure your business. The initial drop down box doesn’t provide a list of subjects or topics, nor does it ask for your title and referencing preferences, all of which are incredibly important, but don’t affect price, and therefore Essay Pro don’t seem interested.


When you enter the basic details for your order to get a price, one of the most concerning factors is that you don’t select a grade you want, and pay more for an A and a little less for a B or C. This is worrying as it indicates that all of the essays are of the same generic level, and couldn’t be used to boost your GPA. They also definitely couldn’t be used above undergraduate level, as you would need the option to specifically ask for PhD or Masters level, which is notably absent.


Although there’s no obvious discount code or coupon, the prices for this website are incredibly low. EssaayPro would only charge $139 CAD for a 3000 word paper due in three days. While this may seem like a great deal, in reality you do have to pay more than this if you want good quality.


There’s no obvious contact us tab on the landing pages, which is worrying when it comes to support. Plus the fact that you are not guaranteed any particular grade could make it very difficult to ask for a refund later, as they haven’t breached their contract if you fail.

Many students face issues with academic writing and seek for additional help online, and if they fail to find a reliable writing service they often get in even more troubles.

One of the popular services today is EssayPro.com. This company claims that they have the highest possible quality at the affordable price and employ the most professional writers.

However, due to my personal experience, I can’t say that EssayPro writing platform is actually as good as they say and this review on EssayPro.com is aimed to help other students avoid mistakes similar to mine!

The Review of EssayPro.com

Is EssayPro.com legit? This is the first question that comes to your mind when you open EssayPro.com essay writing website or any other similar platform, and thus, I wanted to start my EssayPro.com review with a detailed description of its services, prices, and other important nuances.

  • The website. The site has a quite attractive design, which makes it easy to navigate and makes a pleasant first impression about the platform in general and what I’ve also liked is that the information about the Essay Pro company is well-structured to help clients find the answers to their questions fast and easily.
  • Support. Another thing that I wanted to highlight is the high responsiveness and efficiency of the support service. The support group here can be reached at any time, 7 days a week, and the managers seem to respond fast and are quite helpful.

What About The Price?

The price at EssayPro.com is higher than average on the market, it is not too expensive, but I wouldn’t say that it is cheap, but I liked the possibility to choose the price that is suitable for your budget by selecting a writer with a lower bid.

Who Are The Writers?

Of course, as any other company, this one claims that it has the best specialists. In fact, there is no way to check the validity of this statement because all you can see at the website is tons of EssayPro writers’ profiles that say that each of them is a native speaker with MA or even Ph.D. degree.

However, there was one thing that seemed suspicious. The site offers you to select a suitable expert yourself after you fill out the order details and requirements and I thought that it is strange that only a few seconds after you’ve placed the request you get tons of bids from different writers. Thus, I believe that this process automated!

What Do Other Clients Say About This Company?

It is not strange that on the EssayPro company’s website you can find only positive feedbacks and since this is not the first writing platform that I have been using and thus, I can confidently say that all similar companies would never include negative comments (reviews) on their testimonials page.

Thomas Sims – Average Rating3 / 5 stars

The EssayPro.com plagiarism report was a bit unrealistic it said that they do my assignment with 100% unique, which wasn’t confirmed when my teacher checked it.

Thus, to learn more, you have to dig deeper. I searched for more EssayPro.com reviews on the Internet and found only a few thankful feedbacks, while others were either neutral or negative.

What Are The Main Disadvantages Of This Company?

Is EssayPro.com scam? I wouldn’t be so critical of my conclusions, but there are definitely certain disadvantages that have to be improved before I will be able to recommend this service to you, namely they are:

  • High prices before this company can claim to be cheap and affordable, they should lower the rates a bit;
  • The EssayPro.com plagiarism report was a bit unrealistic it said that my course work is 100% unique, which wasn’t confirmed when my teacher checked it;
  • The quality of the work wasn’t as high as they promise it was okay, but because of numerous grammar mistakes and the need for revision, I can’t say that it was excellent!
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The popular American fried chicken vendor Chick-fil-A opened its inaugural UK branch in Reading, gay rights activists started mobbing it with complaints and calls for it to close from the moment.

Well relating to checking Pride whom led the campaign, the meals outlet’s charitable donations to ‘anti-LGBT’ organisations such because the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and, Jesus forbid, The Salvation Army, ended up being indicative of these unforgivable bigotry. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes are in opposition to relationships that are same-sex wedding equality, as well as the campaigners state a few charities Chick-fil-A provides cash to are hostile to LGBT liberties. And so, cancelled they have to be. Chick-fil-A’s batch that is first of chicken and waffles had barely been dunked in to the fryer whenever Reading Pride announced a call to arms in the shape of a boycott.

‘We respect everyone’s freedom for eating where they choose,’ they qualified, ‘however, we ask the LGBT+ community (including its allies) to boycott the chain in studying.’

Now, hardly a week following the chicken store started serving Uk clients, Reading’s shopping center, The Oracle, has announced that it’ll never be renewing the company’s rent. ‘We are determined at this juncture that the best thing to do is always to just allow Chick-fil-A to trade that it seeks to ‘offer an inclusive space where most people are welcome. with us for the initial six-month pilot duration, rather than to give the rent any further,’ The Oracle stated in a declaration, noting’

The officials during the Oracle demonstrably brushed on the proven fact that Chick-fil-A has some of the most extremely good job opportunities available in providing – including scholarships and management schemes – and retains an employee that is world-renowned because of its solution. (続きを読む…)

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ukrainian brides

Pretty Ukrainian Woman coming from Kiev, Ukraine

I am commonly informed to be a kind, social, faithful, levelheaded as well as tender gal. I lead an active, hectic as well as healthy and balanced way of living. I possess numerous friends. I’m very romantic inside, and I understand that beloved will locate me for certain sooner or later, considering that I believe that I was actually born under a lucky star. I am actually a determined individual and I prepare to perform muchto obtain my goals. In my dreams I observe on my own as a productive woman, witha caring man next to me. I will become a dependable assistance for him, being true to my companion. I lovemaking and I appreciate every min of it.

First of all, I must inform you that I am actually a family members person.I adore convenience and also order in your home, thus when I have a min I devote myself to growing, embellishing, preparing food as well as even embroidering. One may tell that I am coming from the old-fashioned, as all modern gals travel a great deal and probably hang in the nightclubs or many various other things besides spending quality time in your home. I ensure I will make an effort all kinds of things along withmy future cherished one. In my downtime I suchas also to dance as well as listen closely to songs. My life without melodies and also blendings would certainly be lifeless and also totally vacant. Listening to and also playing different songs aids me to de-stress, loosen up and also it can likewise aid to motivate me into every little thing. I believe that for every individual songs resembles the minds to lifestyle. My absolute best performers are Elton John and also David Garrett. What is actually even more, I just like to bring in photos, not merely of me, yet of my friends and relatives. I just like to perpetuate the seconds of lifestyle in the pictures that I take. Photographis something greater than a straightforward graphic for me. It is moment and emotional states.

I am actually an individual that looks soul mate which’s why I’ve decided to sign up listed here to find for my 2nd one-half as well as fate. When the world is actually no more intimate, I still believe that my man ought to adhere as well as devoted in any facet, kind and attentive to me. I think there is actually no perfection and also I am not seeking it. He can easily have some peccadillos as well as disadvantages, however what I want is actually to experience that he or she is my unique one, my soulmate. I carry out not prefer a superman or even attractive design, my male will be constantly the very best for me, regardless of how he appears and what he performs. I am actually looking abroad, since I recognize you have various other sights on life, guidelines and also therapy of a woman and kids. I carry out certainly not view the date of man’s childbirthanymore, so I am not versus if my guy will certainly be older than me, a lot more seasoned and wiser.

Pretty ukrainian brides coming from Vinnitsa, Ukraine

I assume I’ m a really ambitious, significant, faithful and also accountable young lady and also I know well what I yearn for from life. I am actually extremely positive individual and also I consistently observe the glass one-half complete. I attempt to acquire every thing really good away from lifestyle. I am actually quite go-getter and go in for sports consistently. I am actually divorced as well as I possess a little child. I just like selecting a walk withmy son and also delight in the outdoors. I am also a charming individual as well as like pleasant evenings in the house, especially along withmy precious.

My passions are fine arts, pets, literature as well as pcs. I suchas taking a trip, to go dancing significantly, to spend time in nature and also I suchas to have an energetic remainder.

As for individual associations, I’d like to possess a pleased and sturdy loved ones, and also a caring partner, whom I might not reside without,’that ‘d be my bestfriend, confident and also fanatic. I’d passion to appreciate him, as well as to develop a cozy residence for our company. I am actually seeking a liable and also severe man that is faithful. I want to develop a strong as well as loving loved ones withchildren. I possess a lot of pain and also hot emotions to spend on my guy.

Beautiful ukrainian brides Girl coming from Zhytomir, Ukraine

I am actually artistic, kindhearted, sturdy in every thing, quite, stylishand also always laughting woman. To inform you the honest truthI am actually really unforbearing as well as imperturbable. I’m a lark that’ s why I get up early. I ca n`t claim that I am actually an innovator yet I am not standing by the end. I like to operate and also I am actually hard-working female bothat the office and in the house. I like when its own tidy. I’m consistently the same and also I wear’ t like to place the hide on my face. I possess a light personality and I suchas silence.

I like music significantly. That’ s why I play piano. I suchas contemporary popular music, particularly house popular music. Also I like traditional music. At childhood my aspiration was to end up being a personal trainer of canines. I as if dogs. As well as some of my hobbies is actually to collect images withthe dogs. Most importantly I just like movies. I have a large collection of disks as well as I as if ahead home put on video as well as view my favourite relocations. Additionally I just like to review. I like traditional authors and also modern-day ones. I spend a considerable amount of opportunity by the personal computer. I as if net and also I suchas to find beneficial and needed information for me. Also I as if to hang around outside.

My guy must be appealing, creative person withwhom I can discuss every little thing as well as who can easily listen closely to another individual. Smart, kind, intelligent, handsome, arranged. He must certainly not be actually silly and uncaring to concerns of other people withgood sense of humor. He mustn’ t break centers to all lady he have to crack only my soul. Likewise he needs to help me withcleansing our house. He should be actually a great daddy.

Beautiful Ukrainian Lady from Kiev, Ukraine

As you can observe, I am certainly not a leading model and I may include that I carry out certainly not possess a PhD in scientific research. I am simply an usual female who might become special for you as a result of her caring spirit, loving and type center and also enchanting spirit. I am the sort of gal who ases if pizza as well as that likes to listen closely to excellent popular music. For me, an excellent method of spending time all together is actually sitting at the coastline under the moon, as well as saying the words of affection to every other. I do certainly not anticipate my partner to become a Super man and also a millionaire. I just want him to be able to observe my interior charm and my sensualism.

I appreciate reading and i like viewing motion pictures, specifically regarding the Rome Realm. My preferred movies are actually Troy, Spartacus, as well as The Brave Heart. I also like reading throughmanuals on Psychological science as well as Astrology. I as if to consume healthy, to exercise and also to keep in shape, thus fitness, massage therapy and spa assist me from it. Of course, I like my job as well as make an effort to cultivate on my own as a qualified. My adage is a quote throughAbraham Lincoln: I am actually a slow-moving walker, but I never walk back.

My most significant dream is to find a tender, smart, loyal as well as caring man along witha types heart that will definitely accept my passion as well as offer me a sea of emotions as well as love. Product is actually not important in live. To me, the most important trait is actually an individual’ s soul and also harmony in feelings. My life goal is actually to become pleased every day and also share joy and happiness withmy treasured male.

Beautiful Russian, ukrainian brides coming from Zaporozhye, Ukraine

People that are close to me point out that I am a moderate person. I just like kind, caring and also genuine people. I just like little ones and I may devote endless time in their provider. I can certainly not withstand treachery and also exists. I just like open, earnest and also sympathetic individuals. I am actually a charming individual and I am constantly pleased when I observe romantic people.

When I possess spare time, I just like to devote it in different methods. As stated, I just like to have fun withchildren. Several of my activities are: seeing an excellent flick, checking out psychological science and also exercising my cooking skill-sets I am a great prepare and also I can point out that I am a pro in food preparation healthy and tasty foods.

I am thirty three and I want to encounter a guy in between 32 and also 46 years of ages. I find my Chosen guy as a successful male in all realms of lifestyle as well as a man who loves children. I prefer that my man will recognize how to enjoy his female’ s kindness and spoiling attention –- and that he is going to return it. I welcome a male that is reliable, joyful and a one-woman male.

Beautiful ukrainian brides coming from Sumy, Ukraine

Believe it or not, my life resembles a quite intriguing novel, that I create eachday along withmy sensitive heart and my curious heart. My eyes mirror my interior planet along withits success as well as defeats as well as I am actually certainly not afraid or even shy to show my mother nature. I genuinely think that simply being actually natural and honest it the way that our team can experience love. I never ever feel uninterested and also alone given that I have numerous interests and leisure activities whichload my downtime withsatisfaction and satisfaction. Regardless of whether I am not involved in some activities, in my mind, I actually intend one thing new as well as impressive. It is a compassion that in modern-day world we perform certainly not possess muchtime for inner progression, given that regularly, our team remain in a hurry as well as barely locate time to ask our own selves if our team are actually delighted. Yet, just how can our team fall in love when we perform not know ourselves? I absolutely know that I am kind, caring, tender, sensual, devoted, desirable, determined, innovative, life-loving as well as easy-going. My mind is open wide as well as I am actually not worried of meeting brand new individuals as well as to reside brand-new adventures. Also being actually so active-minded, I regularly find opportunity to produce my property pleasant as well as warm and comfortable, loading it along withmy care, pain, love as well as amusement.

I truly may certainly not picture my life without sports and keeping energetic. I love employing in to exercising, running, swimming and taking walks in the nature. Withmy friends, we appreciate being outsides and whenever we meet our team regularly locate one thing fascinating and thrilling to carry out together as well as keep up our interaction.

Beautiful Russian Girl from St Petersburg, Russia

About on my own, I can state that I am actually an open-minded and also tender girl who comes witha wonderful sense of humor. I am social and communicative and also I am loyal, caring and also family-oriented. My soul has plenty of emotions and also I want a lot to discuss them along withmy special guy. I can easily likewise claim that I am responsible, ukrainian brides , innovative, pleasant, carefree as well as understanding.

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